Bad Dog
Blood of Amenum: Book One

by H. Candlebrook Smith

Martin Escher didn't believe in vampires. He was an educated man, a writer of gothic horror. To him, vampires only existed in pop culture and bad movies. So when Belinda, a sexy seductress, offered him a drop of her blood, he took it on a dare. Martin had no idea that he would be spending the next 25 years of his life as a slave to her sexual sadism and bloodlust.

A supernatural adventure with just a bite of erotica, Bad Dog takes the familiar elements of vampire romance and turns it on its fang, painting a taut, atmospheric and visceral world seen from the perspective of the blood-bound slave, Martin.

In his attempts to regain his humanity, Martin must reevaluate what it means to be human, and just how badly he wants to escape from Belinda's spell.

Part one of an ongoing series.

A supernatural adventure with just a bite of erotica.

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